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the classic

Holding court since 1916. We first rallied over two tennis nets where the post office now stands. Homegrown heroes include Amateur State Champions, and who could forget Kristy Pigeon’s Wimbledon Championship in 1968. By popular demand, Diablo now serves up both tennis and Pickleball courts hosting eague play, tournaments, mixers, and camps with USPTA instruction. Renovations to the Tennis Pavilion and Childcare Center will feature even more Member-focused offerings.

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Good times roll uphill. Follow the bistro lights and laughter to Bocce Ball as it should be: a new arena outfitted with generous lounge seating, glowing fire pits, and a new indoor/outdoor lounge within throwing distance..and new courts underway! League play is seasonal, and the team names are as entertaining as the game itself. New members quickly discover bocce is also a center of Club social activities, often shared over a glass of wine…or two.

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A natural fit for our family-friendly vibe. Grab a paddle and rally the crew – there’s less court to cover and all-ages fun to be had at the pickleball courts. Diablo’s latest obsession is reflected in a growing events calendar that goes year-round with weekly clinics, holiday tournaments, and seasonal leagues.

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A most distinguished pool party. Six swim lanes set to 80 degrees, Mount Diablo views, friends on the way… there’s no better place for the ideal Diablo day, a time-honored fact of life for a century and counting. With a swell of dining and amenities incoming from the nearby Clubhouse, Diablo is your everyday getaway.

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No horseplay, just Sharks. Swimming competitions began in the Diablo Lake in 1914; nowadays, they play out across the East Bay in the wake of the Diablo Sharks Swim Team. The pool-centered program’s rich history expands each summer as children of all ages compete for the Club – and for each other. Diablo today, gold medals tomorrow.

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Peak potential approached daily. Members can enjoy continuing group exercise classes hosted at our Red Horse Tavern Veranda as we renovate our fitness and wellness facilities.Complimentary off-campus fitness memberships are also available during this time as well. True to form, the land here is rich in resources.

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group workouts

Wellness is a long-term dedication. Imagine yourself in Diablo’s state of the art Fitness Center opening in 2024, where you will be able to enjoy group training, yoga sessions, and bootcamp classes in a studio setting alongside those who share similar interests…and goals.