is an understatement
the story
first begins...

…when our private sanctuary debuts near the turn of a previous century. In the early 1900s Diablo’s vision is big, and soon beloved for preserving a small-town ideal. The structures – grand East Coast-style reminders of 19th ranchland and racetrack – are beacons of a great escape for the greater Bay Area. The course, designed by future legends, plays in a league of its own with a backdrop like none other.

In a retrofit for the ages, history repeats itself now. Our core elements are being updated, planned for, and improved upon to enrich this celebrated experience for generations. A hundred years young and counting, the Diablo ideal renews itself next in three phases.

the course image
the course

A familiar stage for the next golden age. On the heels of an award-winning renovation, from the 1st tee to the iconic fairway oak on 18, Diablo’s weaving route has never played more seamless, sustainable, and dramatic. Reshaped, laser-leveled tees give way to widened fairways that invite varied approach strategies. New short-cut chipping areas unlock short game techniques, while greens resized to opening day let players trace the lines of legends. Completely rebuilt bunkers make for great escapes, while native tree plantings invite a deeper immersion into the landscape.


Adding refinement & culinary amenities. Internal updates will complement our classically-designed and always-breathtaking Clubhouse exterior. Our culinary offerings and venues are being enhanced with an expansion and update to our historic Red Horse Tavern. A renovated main kitchen adds productivity and fresh energy to our casually refined dining room.

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& fitness

Resort-style amenities are being planned now as our Members decide on a number of enhancements to the Diablo experience, ensuring this will be THE place to gather for many years to come—all part of Diablo’s tradition of inspired innovation and thoughtful progress.