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We know who we are. By design and since opening day, Diablo Country Club was destined for unparalleled recreation and relaxation; a sanctuary to suspend city living and recenter the country club experience around family. For those fortunate enough to find Diablo, the difference is ideal.

Connecting across many levels here creates and sustains our strong sense of belonging, and nurtures a life well-lived. We come together easily and effortlessly, aided by the courtesy and consideration demonstrated in every interaction.

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We know who we are for. Families that never miss an outdoor movie night. Friendships formed over swim meets and tennis matches. Parents in need of a night off – and a Kids Club happy to provide. Future scratch golfers enrolled in Junior Camps for the fundamentals and first birdie putts.

After all, we believe time together with loved ones is the truest measure of a life well-lived. That’s why we’re proud of our tradition of caring and concern that has sustained for generations.

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No private gates in this village. Instead, find a sense of authenticity and small-town spirit, where neighbors connect over morning coffee strolls, evening wine walks, and spontaneous run-ins at the tiny Post Office sporting Diablo’s very own 94528 zip code. Charmed, to be sure.

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The feelings are mutual. We share this sense of unabridged belonging. Nestled under towering oaks, classic architecture, and Mount Diablo itself is a living, vital experience – one founded in shared community, abiding friendship, and an appreciation for this rare coming together of friends, nature and gracious hospitality.

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In a region famous for celebrating the new and the next, Diablo has stayed vital for more than a century. The genesis of the Club began with the movers and shakers of the San Francisco Bay Area, pioneering leaders of a pioneering region that became the center of West Coast prominence and culture in the late 19th century.

This same Mount Diablo location was chosen by another Bay Area leader, Robert Noble Burgess, as a wonderland removed from big city bustle. Motoring and golf were new sports for Americans, and it quickly steamed ahead as a “Community with an Ideal.”

Along the way to the 21st Century, Diablo served as the gathering place for California and American history. Presidents Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover enjoyed time here, as did William Randolph Hearst and legendary entertainer Bing Crosby.

The reasons for the Club’s longevity are many, and varied, and always centered on the achievers, the visionaries and the innovators who find their way here.

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“There was a time when Ocean, Grove and Stream were clothed in a celestial light — the glory and the freshness of a dream.”

“This Diablo needs and has more than nature’s loveliness. A jungle is no fit place for human kind — neither is Diablo a paradise without the laughter of chil­dren and the kindly associations of those older ones which have been built up through the years. And because those who are young and old can be there at the same time and enjoy together some of the same things — this Diablo is a Mecca — so near and yet so very far from a workaday world.”

August 11th, 1931