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“At its core Diablo is about family, and unlike any other club in California, Diablo was the first to be built especially and uniquely for families.”

The Lifestyle

Over 100 years ago Diablo was established as a place for recreation and relaxation, a park club that was far from the city clubs and more exceptional than simply a country club.

The Social Scene

It all starts here

The beautiful scenery and lovely weather drew crowds from all over the Bay Area. Today, we continue to keep the passion and focus of our founders alive by adding state-of-the-art amenities while remaining true to our rich history and heritage.


Members at Diablo know there’s one thing they can count on in life, and that’s the round of holiday events they look forward to every year, just like the passing of the seasons. From the Easter brunch and egg hunt to the Mother’s Day celebration to our Memorial Day BBQ to our Christmas Tree lighting, family and friends at the club are guaranteed to enjoy a splendid feast, marvelous decorations, and impeccable service.

Add to these traditions our new cooking classes, farm-to-table dinners, wine tastings, mystery dinners, and poolside fiestas, and you’ll see why our club is one of the most social around. We love throwing a good party, and our staff is dedicated to making sure no detail is left to chance so members can sit back, raise a glass, and enjoy each other’s company.

"When we came in we didn't know a lot of other members, and I think through going to different events, even hanging out at the pool, you see people regularly and you just end up making these friendships and connecting with people. It just makes this feel more like a second home than a country club."

Kelly Sekera

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