Bob Bodman

Membership Director

As Principal of Club Resources, Bob has been involved in the early stages of the club's strategic planning (both in 2012 and 2016) as Diablo's Strategic Planning Consultant. Bob has now come on board to oversee and handle new membership marketing and sales in support of this Master Facilities Plan.

“It has been a privilege to be a part of charting the club’s future and I am now very excited to see the first pages of the “second centennial” book being written today. Diablo is a very special and significant place, both historically and as a unique family of members. It’s just wonderful to be a part of the club.”

Jason Walter

Assistant General Manager

Jason and his family joined the Diablo Country Club team in December of 2009 as the Director of Golf coming to us from Phoenix, Arizona, where Jason was the Director of Golf at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club for over five years. While at Superstition Mountain, Jason was a primary driver of it being regarded as the best conditioned golf course and service experience on the LPGA tour from 2006 to 2009.

“We will have the best junior programs, not only by way of personal instruction, but also with the help of new golf simulator studios. We're going to be able to bring in swing software and all of the shot simulation that is going to allow us to expand our teaching in many different ways.”

Todd Eckenrode

Golf Architect

As a competitive player who has traveled globally to many of the world’s greatest golf courses, and as a father to a new generation of young golfers at home, Todd possesses a unique and marvelous perspective on what it takes to design a course that is both challenging and enjoyable to play, and at all skill levels.

“There is no other club that can compare to the history that Diablo has in its old architecture and in the story of what it used to be, and so we really want to strive to have that come out in the renovation. We want to feel like the golfer is taking a step back in time to another era.”

Darrin Cohen

Director of Tennis

Darrin comes to Diablo Country Club from Diamond Hills Sports Club and Spa in Oakley, where he worked as the Director of Tennis. Darrin has a passion for the game of tennis and has been involved with the sport since he was five years old. At the University of Virginia, he competed as a top six player on the men's tennis team for four years. He went on to compete on the ATP Professional Men's Tennis Tour. Darrin continues to play Men's Open tournaments. He brings a great deal of fun and success to adult and junior players of all levels.

“Diablo is a hidden gem. A lot of people don't even know it's here, but once you discover it you fall in love with it. We're secluded right under the Mountain — there's great scenery, great weather, really great members, and there's just a lot to really enjoy here for everybody and all sorts of families. Diablo is a family.”

Jim Collins

Director of Golf Instruction

Jim is a quarter-century member the PGA of America. He started in the business at Sequoyah Country Club, up in the foothills of Oakland. He’s been in every position in the industry, from picking up balls, to caddy, to Assistant Pro, First Assistant Golf Professional, and General Manager at a private golf club. His passion is coaching, and he’s looking forward to his position here at Diablo Country Club as Director of Instruction.

“I think the whole idea is just bring the families in, bring them to the club. They're going to spend more time at the club — have dinner, have some drinks, and just have a lot of fun with the families together.”

David Mackesey

Historian, Member, Past President

As a long-standing member of Diablo Country Club (and a past president), there is little about the club David doesn’t know. He is the official club historian and provides the continuity and deep institutional knowledge that keep the traditions of Diablo alive as it enters this new phase of improvements.

“We've always been a family club, and the new facilities will allow us to have a center of gravity for families so they can have the experiences in the future that families have had here for generations”

“The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

Winston Churchill

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