Humble Beginnings

Over a century ago, Robert Noble Burgess founded a Country Club at the foot of Mt. Diablo. His vision was to create “A Community With an Ideal”. Motoring and golf were new sports for Americans, and the mountain Burgess owned, Mt. Diablo, was the perfect backdrop.

Burgess was a trailblazing entrepreneur who bought the land and developed the Diablo Country Club in 1914 to encourage investors to buy lots for summer homes. Despite the imminent possibility of the First World War on the horizon, the developer attracted wealthy buyers from The City by running four trains transporting the urban folk on the ‘millionaires special’ to the rocky hills to build country homes off the beaten path. The journey from San Francisco or Oakland to Diablo was truly an unbeaten path in the early 1900’s. Paved roads were sparse and automobiles few. Passengers traveled on the Oakland, Antioch and Eastern Electric Railway, to the pristine country that included Diablo, far from big city life and still years from the Great Depression that altered ostentatious luxury.